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MadaPhoto - About Me

Hi – I’m Magda, if you will decide to use my services I will be your photographer.

What Photography means to me?

All Kind of Photography is my passion since I remember. I believe that camera - this “magic box” like I called camera when I was young - can catch everything what we want: important moments of our life, which we want to keep forever, our feelings: happy, sad, proud, satisfied. Thanks to photography we can keep all of these things forever and we can come back to them any time we want. Also photos could be “documentation” of our work / career like : first shows, expositions, etc.

What is most important for wedding photographer like me?

For me, as wedding photographer the most important is professional and hard work, very good attention to detail and nice and friendly atmosphere. I always try not to loose any second from my hours of work. I believe my hard work connected with my passion will satisfy you and you will think it was a good choice.

Where do I offer my photography services?

I'm based in Nottingham but travel is not a problem for me. I cover mainly Midlands area and surroundings, but I'm not limited so Feel free to contact me if you want to use my service in areas listed below or anywhere else:

Our prices starts from £300 for Weddings, £200 for Private Parties and £300 for Events & Public Shows.

Please feel free to Contact Me if you have any questions